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UK Inheritance Tax Planning
January 27, 2021

UK Inheritance Tax Still Applies To You

The cross-border intricacies of UK Inheritance Tax may not be top of list of wealth planning priorities, but ignoring your liabilities could prove costly.

If you are UK connected, but residing in the USA, it’s only natural that the cross-border intricacies of UK & US UK inheritance tax isn’t near the top of your list of wealth planning priorities.  However, ignoring your liabilities could prove to be very costly.

By managing the assets within your estate now, you can mitigate your UK inheritance tax liability and know that plans are in place for your wealth to be managed and distributed in accordance with your wishes and fulfil your legal obligations.

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Download our FREE guide to US/UK Inheritance Tax Planning to understand:

  • Why you need to consider Inheritance Tax now
  • The difference between domicile and domicile of origin
  • What the IGA between the UK and USA means for you
  • How your domicile affects your estate planning
  • The planning opportunities afforded to you as an expat
  • How to ensure your assets are appropriately distributed after you are gone
How Can Skybound Help You?

Advisers at Skybound are experienced in dealing with the cross-border intricacies unique between the UK & U.S. on inheritance tax. We can advise specifically on this subject, or more appropriately, we are well placed to offer advice which is tailored to your specific circumstances.

Get the Facts. Download our FREE Guide to UK Inheritance Tax Planning.

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