Market Update
November 16, 2020

Market Outlook Webinar and Q&A with Optimus Capital's CEO November 2020

Optimus Capital's CEO & CIO talks about the current state of markets, the effect of COVID-19, the recent Presidential Election & of course Brexit.

Optimus Capital specialises in asset management; delivering highly sophisticated investment options to both private and institutional clients.

Martin gives an expert analysis of the current state of the markets, including discussing topics such as COVID 19 with a focus on vaccinations, therapeutics and testing. He discusses the importance of 'The Prize Vaccine' in economic terms and how far we are away from trend growth.

The US presidential elections and its effects on the markets are also discussed, as well as Brexit as the 31st of January marks the end of the UK’s membership of the European Union and the start of the “transition period”.

At the close of the session, Martin hosts a live Q&A.

Martin Newson - CEO and CIO Optimus Capital

Martin Newson was formally among some of the top analysts at Goldman Sachs and a member of its European Stock Selection Committee. He has also run large equity divisions of major investment banks both in London and New York.

He provides the Optimus Capital and GWM Investment Committees with valuable insights into the machinations of the stock market and economic climate.

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This information expressed on the conference call are the opinions of GWM and Martin Newson, and are provided to you for informational purposes only. No guarantees are offered that the information presented will guarantee results. Investing involves risk including the loss of principal. No strategy can fully protect against market fluctuations.

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