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March 5, 2021

American Citizen Abroad

For US citizens & connected individuals their expat status can come at a cost to their financial planning opportunities due to a lack of support available.

Welcome to the first of many Skybound Webinars. The goal of these webinars is to provide information, share current situations and scenarios, market outlooks and opinions as well as be a valuable resource for individuals looking for advice and guidance whilst living abroad. And in the coming weeks, we will be releasing more webinars covering subjects such as property, pensions, repatriation and inheritance tax.

This webinar, US Citizen's Offshore, will talk you through many useful topics for international workers living outside the US as well as introducing Skybound's US Citizens Information Center team.

For most international workers their expat status opens up many financial planning opportunities. However, for US citizens and US connected individuals, such status can come at a cost thanks to a lack of information and support.

In addition to explaining why many advice firms choose not to support US citizens, our latest webinar also covers:

  • The implications of recent changes to legislations
  • What it means to be US connected and the consequences this could have on your investments
  • Explains the complexities of being an expat
  • Tax reporting guidelines
  • The dangers of choosing the wrong funds
  • The options available to you

We have offices on the east and west coast and are complemented by a global network of offices in the middle east and Europe. This means we are able to assist US expatriates and US connected individuals should they choose to continue their expat journey or return home at a later date.

How Can Skybound Help You?

Our US Information Center brings together a mix of US expats and international wealth planning advisors.

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