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Complete Guide To UK Pension Transfers

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  • A once in a lifetime opportunity?
  • UK pension reforms
  • What is a CETV?
  • Should you transfer?
  • Reasons to consider transferring
  • Improving tax efficiency
  • What is the pension protection fund?
  • Expat pension changes
  • What is a SIPP?
  • What is a pension wrapper?
  • What is a Double Taxation Agreement?
  • Consolidating dormant pensions
  • What is a retirement review?

Transferring your final salary pension isn’t a new choice, it is however, an option that is often not discussed with scheme members and the general opinion historically has been that you are better to remain in a scheme. This guide covers all of your options and what to consider when looking at transferring your UK pension. Learn what you need to know and take control of your future.